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ShivShakti'S Projects

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ShivShakti Social Foundation is a Non Government Organization NGO work in many sectors. One of them is Youth Development, Agriculture, Rural Development, Education, Health, Art & Culture, Environment, National Integration, Women Empowerment, Sports, Cast-ism Eradication. We develop and work on some social & Charitable purpose projects. See one of the details below.

कै. अधिकभाऊ मांडवे वाचनालय 

Free Public Library

Shivshakti Library 

​ShivShakti Social Foundation starts a free public library services at Shivajinagar (Kadegaon) Sangli district. We started it without any government or private institution fund. In this digital world, their has lack of books and libraries. And library not only educate peoples but also develop their livings. Over 1000+ peoples connected to our free public library. And we collect books from peoples and our well wisher Donors. Their is 700+ books available ion our library. We need more books and financial as well as infrastructure support. So, please support our cause and help to spread knowledge and awakening peoples. Click To Donate. 

Shivshakti Stores.jpg is a India'S first E store for NGO where Ngo'S can get information about latest schemes, ready made project reports and much more. Also we make ready made templates useful for businesses and organisations. In the market area, their is no any shop or consultancy firm who gives right information. is a e store useful for NGO'S. 278 NGO benefited under this initiative and day by day receive right information about grants, project and guidance about management. Our aim is to reach 10000 NGO'S. 

Sheti Salla Ad.jpg is a agriculture informative website. Farmers empowerment is the motive behind this portal. Knowledge is everything and their is lack of knowledge in agriculture sector. So we run this website is to educate the farmers and businesses related to agriculture sector. Also farmers and expert can post their articles and quires on this portal, where user will answer their questions. so that is a agriculture forum. Now, 50000+ farmers visited to portals and their is 60+ posts on portal. 


Associate Projects


ShivShakti Krushi Aujare Bank is a Agriculture Equipment rental services provider firm founded by ShivShakti SHG Ltd. With the help of Agriculture Department we provide land cultivation services at lowest service charges. To Know More Click Here.

Kadegaon Taluka Farmers Producer Co. Ltd. logo

Kadegaon Taluka FPC Ltd. is the registered FPO. Kadegaon FPC works for Farmers & Kadegaon FPC'S aim is To Empower Farmers that is the tagline 'Farmer Empowerment is Our Policy' To know more about Kadegaon FPC Click Here.

ShivShakti Pashupalk Mandal Logo

ShivShakti PashuPalak Mandal is the farmers community organization working in the field of animal husbandry. This is a knowledge platform of Dairy & animal husbandry Industry. To know more about ShivShakti Pashupalak Click Here.

shivshakti shg logo

Shivshakti SHG ltd. is Association Of Persons.  Our aim is to empower farmers by providing various low cost services and dissemination of agriculture knowledge. To know more about ShivShaktiSHG Click Here.

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